multimedia design work 


Editorial Design, Half DawnProposal Slides for Ray Bloch Productions


           Web/Video for Sensory Silhouette

Exhibition Poster Design for Symbiosis

Assistant Camera/Voiceover for Nancy Elizabeth Prophet: I Will Not Bend An Inch Exhibition Trailer


Writing for RISD Museum Student Voices Collection

A (Not-So) New Realm: Digitization of Analog Artwork

Mockups for RISD Museum Watch/Listen/Read Rebrand


Editorial Design, Turned Leaf

Blog Writing for Jacob’s Pillow Pillow Picks

A Conversation with Cleo Parker Robinson
Intern Highlight: Ade Omotosho and Hannah Berry
Jacob’s Pillow On The Road is back for Festival 2022!

Email Campaigns for Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival Season ‘22 and ‘23

Logo Design for Bring the Fire

Sanofi x Flywheel NAEBI Asset

Studio Theatre Ad Design for Washington Post of 2020-2021 Season performances Until the Flood and Flow

Studio Theatre Trailers for 2020-2021 Season performances of Cock and 2.5 Minute Ride


Selections from Studio Theatre Style Guide,  2020-2021