TURNED LEAF: stories from young adults grieving their parents

Contributors: chelin ashley,  samantha bradley
emery o’connell, kira pyne, alex walker


the day I found out my mother died, I wanted to run across the street to the park. my father and sisters were inside, but I deemed the cluster of trees nearest the swingset to be more comforting. this memory was glossed over. with time, it started to cloud the front of my mind. childhood grief is unforgiving. the minutes, hours, and weeks mean almost nothing when you’re making sense of permanence for the first time, in its barest form. before denial, I experienced confusion.

how do you begin to process something you don’t understand?

Turned leaf: stories from young adults grieving their parents is a collection of moments from truly wonderful people presenting an array of scenarios and states of being, featuring 120 medium format film photography.