cat ashley
projection / soundscape installation

Symbiosis, Chazen Family Gallery.
Providence, RI. 2024

gesture reprised is an exploration into repetitive ritual, gesture and romanticizing the mundane. This piece was born from a number of different experiments that investigated a collection of everyday functions. The grandeur surrounding these habitual movements was alluring. The sociological structures we’ve put in place, like time, adulthood, race, virginity, etc. all influence the idea of gesture as they glorify and mimic internal meters. With this, I began to answer questions surrounding what defines realities, distortion and order. The soundscape was composed with an emphasis on the gestural nature of playing percussive and string instruments. Honing in on this idea of romanticizing the mundane, or glamorous commonplace is super significant as it elevates the seemingly ordinary to a level of extraordinary…thus platforming these habitual movements and challenging perceptions of what is to be celebrated and given attention.